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Mission: Formulate and recommend policies for organizational purposes as far as membership services, awards, and other administrative support activities. To oversee the membership operations and development programs at the National level to ensure the departments, districts and posts are provided with the necessary support and recognition to motivate membership growth within their communities. Responsible for the contents of the Manual of Ceremonies which includes conduct of a meeting, wearing of uniforms, caps, regalia, and official badges. Act on the nominations for The American Legion Distinguished Service Medal and make recommendations to the National Executive Committee. Oversee the Sons of the American Legion and the American Legion Rider programs. Perform other essential administrative duties as assigned by the National Executive Committee not inherent in other Commissions or Committees


Internal Affairs committees:


Constitution & By-Laws Committee
Hon. Vincent M. Gaughan, Illinois, Chairman


  • To study and make proper recommendations concerning all matters pertaining to the Constitution  &By-Laws and all matters pertaining to the Uniform Code of Procedure for the Organization of National Conventions of The American Legion;
  • Such other purposes as may be assigned to it by the National Executive Committee.


Membership & Post Activities Committee
Matthew Jabaut, Maine, Chairman


  • To formulate and recommend policies and to oversee the implementation of adopted policies relating to the enrollment of members, the collection of dues, the functioning of department, posts and intermediate levels in a manner to attract and retain members, and the development of leadership training and promotional activities necessary to the foregoing;
  • To develop and execute a multiyear membership and Post procurement plan which shall be approved by the National Executive Committee (The NEC shall be updated on the plan’s progress at least once per year (May 2012 NEC));
  • Such other purposes as may be assigned to it by the National Executive Committee.


National Convention Resolutions Assignment Committee
Bruce Feuerbach, Iowa, Chairman


  • To meet as needed prior to the National Convention to receive and consider germane and appropriate resolutions;
  • To transmit appropriate and germane resolutions with or without recommendation to the appropriate Convention Committee;
  • To return, through the Secretary of the National Convention, to the source inappropriate or non-germane resolutions that may be resubmitted, when corrected, to the National Executive Committee or National Convention by the originator. Inappropriate or non-germane resolutions include, but are not limited to:  Convention resolutions (1) containing more than one subject, (2) calling for or requiring the expenditure of funds, (3) containing personal attacks or derogatory characterizations, (4) outside the purview, (5) not pertinent or inappropriate for action by the National Convention or (6) unclear and undocumented. Deficient resolutions, once corrected, in order to be reconsidered, need to be resubmitted to the National Convention or National Executive Committee as provided in the National Constitution and By-Laws. Questions about resolutions should be reviewed with the National Adjutant as secretary of the convention. Other national officers or staff may be involved, as appropriate;
  • Such other purposes as may be assigned to it by the National Executive Committee.

American Legion Riders Advisory Committee
Mark Clark, Missouri, Chairman

Matters pertaining to the American Legion Riders.

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