Equality for all

Equality for all

The colors red, white and blue are displayed in communities nationwide during the month of July in celebration of Independence Day. Our nation’s flag symbolizes freedom, patriotism and unity. While our communities have been affected and our nation grieves a divide, The American Legion stands firm in a value it has upheld by resolution (still in effect) passed on Oct. 17, 1923, at The American Legion National Convention that expresses firm support of equal rights and opportunities ‘without distinction as to race, color, creed or class.’   

Three American Legion members with unique experiences and perspectives related to law enforcement and the debate over race join the Tango Alpha Lima podcast for a special two-part episode. Legionnaires Autrey James, Hugh Crooks and Sean Powers join our podcast co-hosts for a frank, honest and intriguing discussion about racial disparity and more.
Listen or watch at  legion.org/tangoalphalima.

I too want to remind all of you that a way to show patriotism and voice is by voting.  

Since its inception in 1920, The American Legion’s Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program has encouraged Americans to exercise their right to vote and help others understand the importance of the electoral process. The American Legion is a nonpartisan organization but advocates for all U.S. citizens to register and vote in all elections. The American Legion does not show preference for or against any particular candidate or political party.

Help with GOTV efforts by visiting  legion.org/vote to access The American Legion’s “Get Out the Vote” brochure and other resources.

Throughout its history, The American Legion has fought to improve racial equality not only for veterans, but for the communities they serve. And we will continue.