‘Everyone’s service matters’

Army veteran Kerri Jeter discusses her experience as an entrepreneur, time as Ms. Veteran America and more on this week’s episode of The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast.

In 2015 during her time as Ms. Veteran America, was when Jeter “fell in love with my sisters in a different way, understanding our legacy and knowing that not everyone’s life looks like mine but everyone’s service matters. That’s where the deep admiration came from. I knew that I wanted to continue to serve.”

A member of American Legion Post 69 in Tenino, Wash., Jeter found her niche a few years later.

She recalls her literal and figurative awakening from a dream that spurred her on the way to becoming an entrepreneur. “What is it that I am supposed to be doing? I’ve been out of the military for three years,” she thought before going to bed one night feeling discouraged.

Jeter awoke from a dream with a vision and a name for Freedom Sisters Media. She reached for her phone, Googled it and quickly learned that the domain name was available.

Her media portfolio includes a website, podcast and magazine. She uses her faith-based platform to help other veterans heal and thrive through positive messages. Her approach is to “guide the story” for guests on her podcast.

“I want them to share the story because that’s where the vulnerability happens and that’s where the healing takes place. It’s about being their guide so they comfortable sharing their story.”

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