June impact report features job assistance, 2019 high in ALOU clicks
Veterans attend a recent Hiring our Heroes Job Fair at American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood, Calif. The fair featured workshops on how to make successful résumés and use LinkedIn, before a job fair that included Starbucks, Marriott, law enforcement departments and Disney. Photo by Justin L. Stewart/The American Legion

June impact report features job assistance, 2019 high in ALOU clicks

The June 2019 Membership Impact Report highlights The American Legion’s dedication to helping servicemembers and veterans – and their spouses – find jobs, as well as its growing media program.

In May, the Legion participated in 10 career fairs/summits in eight states, getting in front of an estimated 1,400 job-seekers. The Legion also participated in a Yellow Ribbon event that reached 429 more.

The May 16 edition of the American Legion Online Update e-newsletter garnered 55,673 click-throughs, the highest so far of 2019. With updates on the LEGION Act and the Bladensburg Cross Supreme Court case coming soon, there’s no better time to subscribe; go to www.legion.org/newsletters to do so.

Also last month, $1,122,624 in American Legion Legacy Scholarship funds was awarded to 57 applicants, the children of U.S. military personnel who lost their lives or became over 50-percent disabled on or after 9/11.

Click here to see the June Membership Impact Report. For previous reports, go to www.legion.org/membership/impact.