Elected at the national convention, five vice commanders act as representatives of the national commander. They may preside over meetings of the National Executive Committee or the national convention, and perform other duties for the commander. No two vice commanders can be chosen from the same department during the same year.

To contact an American Legion national vice commander, contact Jennifer Norton at National Headquarters by calling (317) 630-1234 or via e-mail.

Current national vice commanders:

James E. Pisa

James E. Pisa is a member of Post 35 in Wasilla, Alaska. He served in the U.S. Navy (1970-1974) and retired from the U.S. Coast Guard (1976-1997). Pisa has served as Department of Alaska commander (2007-2008), department service officer (2009-2014), and as a National Executive Committeeman (2010-2018). He has served on several national committees and presently serves as the NEC liaison to the Veterans Employment and Education Commission and on the resolutions subcommittee. He is a 2004 National American Legion College graduate.


James E. Wallace

James E. Wallace is a member of Post 419 in Pinckney, Mich. A U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam era, Wallace has served as Department of Michigan commander (2014-2015), department finance committeeman (2013-2014), department public relations director (2012-2013), department director of membership (2011-2012), department assistant director of membership (2010-2011), and 6th District commander (2009-2010). He is a member of the National American Legion Press Association, a 2012 National American Legion College graduate and a charter member of Post 419's Legion Riders chapter. Wallace also served on the National Security Committee and was a committeeman on the Americanism council.


Paul Spedaliere

Paul Spedaliere is a member of Post 180 in Lebanon, Conn. He served in the U.S. Navy and retired as a chief electronics technician in 2002, after 21 years. A 2011 National American Legion College graduate, Spedaliere has served as Department of Connecticut commander (2015-2016) and on the national level as a member of the Americanism Council, Homelessness Committee and Veteran Education, Other Benefits Committee.


James Stephen Sweet

James Stephen Sweet is a member of Post 32 in Greenville, Miss. He is a U.S. Navy veteran, serving three deployments to Yankee Station, North Vietnam, on the USS Bon Homme Richard, CVA-31 with Attack Squadron 94, The Mighty Shrikes, as a flight deck trouble shooter. Sweet has served as Department of Mississippi commander (2009-2010), alternate National Executive Committeeman, and on the National Homeland Security Committee and the Health Administration Committee.


John (Jack) F. Milburn

John (Jack) F. Milburn is a member of Post 183 in Parkville, Md. At the Department of Maryland level he has served as commander (2001-2002), vice commander, sergeant-at-arms, Internal Affairs chairman and convention corporation president. At the national level he has served as a National Executive Committeeman, liaison for Internal Affairs and currently serves on the Foreign Relations Council.