Tango Alpha Lima welcomes Women of the Military podcast host

The American Legion’s Tango Alpha Lima podcast this week welcomes Air Force veteran and podcast host Amanda Huffman.

While in the Air Force, Huffman, who has a degree in civil engineering, deployed to Afghanistan on a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) where she helped rebuild that nation.

Huffman left the service to raise her children while her husband continues to serve. In her downtime from chasing around two young boys, she started a blog and then a podcast, Women of the Military.

She joined the Tango Alpha Lima podcast to discuss her time in service, transition to becoming a blogger and podcaster, as well as her husband’s interest in transitioning from the Air Force to Space Force. (It wouldn’t be a Tango Alpha Lima episode without a mention of Space Force after all.)

Download and listen to the podcast, or watch the YouTube version, at legion.org/tangoalphalima.

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