Sad Joys on Deployment

Category: Books

Personal memories of an orthopaedic surgeon who served with the Australian Defence Force on ten deployments, including a posting to a USAF base in Balad, Iraq.

Never Heroes

Category: Poetry

A poem in four stanzas that describes what it was like to live among WWII and Korean Conflict heroes for three years, and my ultimate take-away from that experience..

Joseph Freeman Post 476 installs new welcome sign

Category: Visual Arts

American made with American pride! Joseph Freeman Post 476 Legionnaire and prior Navy service member Cara Hartman designed and created this new welcome sign for Post 476 in Wilkesville, Ohio. The new welcome sign was donated to the Joseph Freeman American Legion Post 476 by Cara and her husband, Derek Hartman.

Small town, big pride

Category: Personal Experiences

Memorial Day "Field of Flags" reaches nearly 900 in small town W. Va. Cameron, W. Va. is the sight of a "Field of Flags" each Memorial Day. This event has grown progressively over the past four years. Citizens term it "amazing, beautiful, outstanding."

City of Waterloo virtual Memorial Day program

Category: Film / Documentary

A special video put together to honor our fallen soldiers.

Fury. A Soldier's Journey

Category: Books

Just published March 2020, "Fury: A Soldier's Journey" by Joe Myles is an autobiography covering events from Basic to fighting with 1st Infantry in Vietnam during Tet. Captivating, a must read..

The Buffalo Pilot: A Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller (Book 3)

Category: Books

With pulse-stopping adventure and a dose of the human condition comes a saga where crime, aviation, and brotherhood meet.

Father Joseph Lonergan, World War I Army chaplain became national chaplain of The American Legion

Category: Personal Experiences

While going through a box of 1930's materials and folders, I found a black & white 8 x 10 photo of a man in his U. S. Army uniform. The photo individual showed an officer(Lt. Colonel) with insignia of a chaplain on his lapels. The photo also was signed in white/silver ink "In Fond Remembrance"- J M Lonergan.

Last Will and Testament

Category: Books

If one were to ask me what I’ve gained from writing this book, I would not hesitate to reply that writing it revealed things I might never have realized had not my own and other voices from the past re-entered my mind and heart as I wrote. May the legacy I leave behind be this: not to forget, but to remember; not to disrespect, but to honor; not to blame, but to forgive; and not to add injury, but to heal.

CARVILLE’S CURE: Leprosy, Stigma, and the Fight for Justice

Category: Books

A new book about the leprosy hospital run by the U.S. government in Carville, LA, and how the patients struck up a partnership with the American Legion that helped them to secure their freedom and rights.