A hole on the Hoel

Category: Personal Experiences

USS HOEL DDG13 69/70 WESTPAC On a hot, eternal Summer’s day at the equator during the USS Hoel’s 5th Westpac cruise, the forward fire room lost power. Emergency measures had to be used to avoid an explosion in the fire room.

The American Connection to the sinking of HMS Dasher

Category: Books

What caused the horrific explosion? Who was to blame? Why were bodies buried in a deep pit? Why was the Dasher disaster shrouded in secrecy? The shocking scandals are all revealed in this real life drama, meticulously recorded by the authors over long years of unwavering research. It is heart-rending and shocking and involves intrigue, duplicity, secrecy and perhaps most shocking off all, disrespect for next-of-kin who were denied information about what happened to the crew of Dasher.

Wayne T. "The Bombdog" Bernhardt

Category: Personal Experiences

"They honored Wayne with a Fallen Soldier ceremony. Soldiers lined both sides of the C-130 with the casket bearers solemnly marching Wayne to the aircraft. The soldiers all saluted Wayne as he passed and a prayer was said for him."

The Cemetery Glade

Category: Poetry

A tribute to our fall now resting in military cemeteries.

Owed to the Life of the Soldier

Category: Poetry

I chose to work for a defense contractor and build F4 aircraft rather than going to Nam. Yes it was important, BUT -

Operation: Military Resource

Category: Books

Are you looking for help for your military life? Maybe you need help with ways to solve emergency situations or find educational assistance. This book will quickly become your go-to resource for everything that could happen in your military life! This book is full of thousands of up-to-date resources and organizations that were created with one specific goal in mind: To help military families past and present!

Reflections of Vietnam

Category: Visual Arts

A photo Gallery set to music done by my local station DaNang Hue 1970 after tet http://youtu.be/_jrbowavcYA

Texas Fight: The History of Army ROTC at The University of Texas at Austin

Category: Books

This book represents the first in-depth academic study of UT Army ROTC. It covers not only the years since 1947 when Army ROTC arrived, but the book also addresses the numerous fights going back to the 1920s as to whether UT should host an ROTC unit. Texas Fight will be of interest both to UT ROTC graduates, regardless of branch, and to non-ROTC Texas Exes interested in their alma mater’s history. Students of campus-based officer training will also find the work an interesting case study.


Category: Music

My first song "Going" by Harmonic Herb is on Youtube.com. and is copyrighted. I wrote, sang & composed this song. I make no money from you listening to it. It's country, two step, type music. I didn't play Harmonica on this one but I will on my up coming album. Also there will be a song about Vietnam. I'm trying to break into country music in Nashville and I need all the fans I can get.

Remembering the defenders of liberty- America's Armed Forces

Category: Poetry

left on my doorstep at christmas... also came with a card and a thank you letter.