Fury. A Soldier's Journey

Just published March 2020, "Fury: A Soldier's Journey" by Joe Myles is an autobiography covering events from Basic to fighting with 1st Infantry in Vietnam during Tet. Captivating, a must read..

The Buffalo Pilot: A Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller (Book 3)

With pulse-stopping adventure and a dose of the human condition comes a saga where crime, aviation, and brotherhood meet.

Last Will and Testament

If one were to ask me what I’ve gained from writing this book, I would not hesitate to reply that writing it revealed things I might never have realized had not my own and other voices from the past re-entered my mind and heart as I wrote. May the legacy I leave behind be this: not to forget, but to remember; not to disrespect, but to honor; not to blame, but to forgive; and not to add injury, but to heal.

CARVILLE’S CURE: Leprosy, Stigma, and the Fight for Justice

A new book about the leprosy hospital run by the U.S. government in Carville, LA, and how the patients struck up a partnership with the American Legion that helped them to secure their freedom and rights.

Turning Baseball Upside Down

I've had a 35-year love affair with coaching American Legion Baseball and wrote a book about the experiences in a book entitled "Turning Baseball Upside Down." The stories will make you laugh, they will make you cry and will make you think.

"$2 for $2 for Luck" A WWII Story

Go to Europe during WWII through the eyes of two young men that were there. Get a first hand look at what war was like for all those average unsung heroes you knew as Dad, Uncle or Grandpa. When Patricia A. Chitwood Ross moved her dad, WWII Veteran, Gene Phillip Chitwood, to a nursing home in 2005 and cleaned out his house, she discover about 180 letters written by her dad, his brother and several others between 1943 and 1945.. They are the foundation for her book "$2 for $2 for Luck", A WWII Story.


"This is my story of survival and perserverance as a POW in Stalag VII-A in Moosberg, Germany. It is taken directly from the wartime log that I kept during those trying times.” -Bob Jackson (1924-2016)

DEFY THE IMMEDIATE; A Journey of Failure, Perseverance, and Success (Foreward by Dick Enberg)

Life Lessons from college, difficult days at sea,and professional and community leadership challenges where success was never certain and failure was never final.,

Combat To College

Combat To College is the book for veterans who want to win the college battle.

The Other Veterans of World War II: Stories from Behind the Front Lines

The untold stories of troops serving miles away from the battlefront