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When I was a child I was subject to horrendous physical abuse. I lived on the streets. I had been in Juvenile Court hundreds of times.
I served years in Reform Schools. I was released two days before my 16th Birthday. At the time I had a 7th grade education. The PhD Psychologist that tested me, informed me that I did not have the ability to complete high school, and that I should learn a trade.
I had no one to stand for me. Life looked pretty bleak at that time.
Fortunately for me I found Jesus. I offered him my life forever, and immediately dropped my desire for vengeance, against all who had hurt me.
Jesus told me in my heart he would lead me to all my dreams. At the time, I had no idea what that meant.
Jesus filled me with the Holy Spirit, and I became “Supercharged”.
What I have accomplished in my life is absolutely impossible!
I am objective proof of the Fire Power of the Holy Spirit!
When I was in my doctoral program in education, before I went into medicine, I had an “A” average!
I have attended 14 institutions of higher learning.
My entire life has been spent in Civil and Human Rights activism, in addition to my full time profession and medical school teaching.
In this time of Gloom & Doom, I believe my book will be a great inspiration, and lift the spirit of all, as they read about a spirit-filled life.
I do believe you, and other readers will be astonished at its contents.

About the author:

Dr. Rick Scarnati was born in Super Bowl Country, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the eldest of ten children. He was the victim of severe child abuse. He served time in reform schools. A PhD Psychologist tested him at age 16, and informed him to learn a trade because he would not have the ability to complete high school because of a low IQ. Fortunately, Dr. Scarnati gave his life to Jesus Christ and was Reborn in the Holy Spirit which enabled him to achieve the impossible. The Scarnati home burned dow

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