Submitted by: James Robertson

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Twenty years after young Daniel Mulvaney survived the Vietnam War, his memoir has made him a best-selling author. Danny’s newfound celebrity has also brought an unforeseen problem: an anonymous Vietnamese wants Danny to return to the country that nearly took his life. His wife wants him to ignore the mysterious invitation, but invisible wounds have reopened. Old ghosts beckon. Danny will have to relive 1968—the scrub jungle of the Mekong Delta, the rice paddies, the villages, Dong Tam, Ambush Alley and worst of all—The U-Minh, infamous Forest of Darkness. These are memories best forgotten—episodes of hardship and horror, of battles fought and buddies lost. Two decades after Danny’s war ended, he will have to fight his way home all over again.

About the author:

James D. Robertson was a contributing editor for two non-fiction works: DOC: PLATOON MEDIC, a Military Book Club selection by Daniel Evans Jr. (Pocket Books, 1992) and STEEL MY SOLDIERS’ HEARTS, a New York Times best-seller by the late Colonel David H. Hackworth (Ruggedland Books, 2002). Mr. Robertson served with the authors in Vietnam. Mr. Robertson is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers and Long Island Writers’ Guild. FOR GOOD REASON is his debut novel. THE WOODSTOCK MURDERS, a thriller, will be forthcoming from Black Opal Books in 2019. Mr. Robertson lives with his wife on Long Island, where he is working on his third novel. The book can be purchased from Barnes &, Amazon and direct from the publisher, Black Opal Books.