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The Other Side of Rock and War is Billy Terrell's struggle to save his life, his career, his country and the Vietnamese orphans he left behind.
Imagine being penniless and nearly homeless at the age of I6, forced to quit school and try to find a job with your four front teeth missing. This is Billy Terrell's inspiring story of how he overcame poverty, bullying and the horrors of Vietnam before his near-impossible climb to success as a songwriter/producer and later as a top stand-up comedian. It also reveals Terrell's deeply personal experiences at Mang Lang Orphanage near the village of Tuy Hoa in 1966 which, as a soldier, he helped rebuild, and his determination to return to Vietnam and reunite with the nuns and former children at the orphanage.
Along the way he has a juicy tale of traveling with Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Cream in the summer of '68. As a writer/producer he has placed 63 records on the national and international charts. As a producer he rebooted Frankie Avalon's career and produced albums for Helen Reddy, Bobby Rydell and great jazz guitarist Larry Carlton, among many others. As a stand-up comedian he worked with several up-and-coming stars such as Adam Sandler, Ray Romano, Drew Carey and Chris Rock during their early days on the circuit.

About the author:

Billy Terrell is a Vietnam veteran who was drafted in the spring of 1965. He was on the verge of a promising career in the music business but wound up in Vietnam from late May 1966 to May 29, 1967. After a few difficult years readjusting to the social changes in the country as well as the music styles, he finally broke through with his first hit song in early 1969. Since then he has created quite an impressive discography over the last 50+ years. He returned to Vietnam in 2013 and reunited with nuns and four of the orphans he cared for and comforted in 1966. Today, as a semi-retired disabled veteran, his focus is bringing to light the humanitarian deeds of service men and women during America's most unpopular war. He finds his lectures and book signing events the perfect vehicle to spread the word of The Other Side of Rock and War.