Submitted by: Peter Smith

Category: Books

Somebody's Catching Hell is a novel about a team of Marine aerial photo interpreters in the months leading up to the historic Tet Offensive of early 1968. The story shows the team searching for an elusive enemy on glossy aerial photographs. The book captures the team's crazy hijinks around Danang - brazenly exploring the off-limits Asian city, visiting brothels, getting shot at on famed China Beach, executing a panty raid during a Bob Hope show. During the Tet Offensive the entire team is ordered to shove aside its stereoscopes and race to defend a strategic nearly bridge from an attack by a main force enemy battalion. Kirkus Reviews calls the book "a sharply written war novel that powerfully evokes the camaraderie and conflict of a Marine headquarters during wartime.:

About the author:

Peter Smith is a Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam in 1967-68, which inspired him to write "Somebody's Catching Hell." After his honorable discharge, he obtained a law degree and worked in the software industry for 20 years. Thereafter, he joined the U.S. Department of State as a procurement official, retiring in 2018. He resides in Alexandria, Va.