Nine from Aberdeen: U.S. Army Bomb Disposal in the Second World War

Shortly after Pearl Harbor, nine Americans traveled to wartime England in order to study bomb disposal methods. Thomas J. Kane and his handful of ordnancemen were entitled to wear distinctive British insignia on their American uniforms. They were among the first pioneers of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). Originally trained to defend the U.S., Kane's elite branch realized its fullest potential overseas. Over 200 squads supported U.S. Army operations across the globe. This is their story.

Dear Mom and Dad: Letters from a Soldier

In 1953, I joined the Army. As everyone should, I wrote home. Years later, I found that my mother, who died in 1963, had kept my letters. So I copied them, and I added comments and photographs. Together, they make a diary of those three years. All the letters were written by a boy in his late teens. I am proud to say that very little editing was necessary.


We live by the best landfill ever. I flipped my dirt bike there once. Plus I've got a sketchbook full of uranium monsters. My friend Cornpup likes to show off the weird bumps on his back for a dollar. And Charlie, he'll drink red creek water on a dare.

Divine Fate - A True Story

Army infantryman Paul Pinkerton returns from the Vietnam War angry and haunted by the past. Sandy Campbell struggles to make sense of her tragic childhood. By chance their worlds collide one Valentine's Day, setting them on a remarkable journey together.

Letters Home: A Paratrooper's Story

Last August, a movie captured theater audiences with its gripping story of the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team's dangerous mission in the height of World War II. The story behind Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed is a true story, inspired by a book by L. Vaughn Curtis called Letters Home: A Paratrooper's Story

A Battlefield Promotion

This is a story of war and love and basic decency and friendship in the Pacific Field of Operation. A Battlefield Promotion by Lowell D. Emenhiser, Diane M. Boyd (Editor) Nook Book $2.99 Kindle Edition $2.99

Brave Hearts and Their Cradles - A Pictorial Presentation of Native American Cradleboards

A book featuring Native American cradlebords. Cradleboards are often referred to as a papoose carrier in the white culture. These utiltarian objects of art and affection were used for safety of the baby for transportation of the baby by the mother. Each tribe constructed their cradles in a manner that represented their tribal art and the best design for the mother to use as a carrier. Each cradle was made from the natural materials that grew in the environment in which they lived. .

Postcard Memories From World War II: Finding Lost Keepsakes 70 Years Later

What began as a hobby of collecting postcards written by soldiers during World War II has become a book that captures the joys and sorrows of those soldiers and their loved ones left at home to worry and to wait.

TAKE CHARGE!; Americanism and Leadership Explained

This book is an instruction for those who sense a better,future, It defines leadership, natural law, where are we, work, education, government, health & wealth and where we should be going. A great people will have faced and solved great problems. Great leaders are the result of the high expectation of an informed and demanding electorate. It is efficient for one to move the many into the future. This book defines Americanism...our Yankee heritage. ...Our 'can do' attitude.

Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes, Why America's Army Succeeds

American soldiers are warriors, diplomats, and heroes - leaders, thinkers, and doers. They are courageous and tenacious, disciplined and focused, thoughtful and selfless. Through their dedication and sacrifice America's Army has built an unparalleled legacy of achievement. The experiences of soldiers individually, and the achievements of the Army collectively offer valuable lessons. These hard won lessons apply to circumstances far removed from the battlefield. Learn why America's Army success.