Walking The Tiger's Path: A Soldier's Spiritual Journey in Iraq

Imagine practicing meditation amidst the violence and chaos of war. Sergeant Kendel documented his experiences in the award-winning memoir Walking the Tiger’s Path: A Soldier’s Spiritual Journey in Iraq. Published in 2011, the book has received multiple awards, including: Nautilus Silver Award; International Book Award; and USA Book News Best Books Award.

New Book Details Effort to Secure Omaha Beach on D-Day

"Intact: A First-Hand Account of the D-Day Invasion from a Fifth Rangers Company Commander" is an eyewitness account of the landing of the Fifth Ranger Infantry Battalion on Omaha Beach during the Normandy Invasion. Told from the viewpoint of Company Commander John C. Raaen, Jr., the book draws heavily from several period documents written by Raaen during and shortly after the war and details precise locations of events wherever possible.

Piloted to Serve: Memoirs of World War II Veteran Rebecca Chung

This 240-page book is the autobiography of World War II U.S. Veteran Rebecca Chung, a Nurse with the Flying Tigers and the U.S. Army (under Chennault in Kunming, China) and then China National Aviation Corporation based in India. Including photos and documents, it covers her medical work during Japanese air raids and her flights across the Hump (Himalayas) between India and China, in addition to her Hump romance, sacrifices and Christian faith. A Foreword by Mrs. Anna Chennault is included.

The Deguello - The A-Team that started a War

Based on the incredible true story-- Read the new book about the first Special Forces A-Team into Afghanistan after 9/11. "The Mission of a Lifetime!" --AirForce Times A incredible history of Green Beret's waging Unconventional Warfare during the opening salvo of Operation Enduring Freedom. --SOFREP.com Available now @ Amazon.com

The American Connection to the sinking of HMS Dasher

What caused the horrific explosion? Who was to blame? Why were bodies buried in a deep pit? Why was the Dasher disaster shrouded in secrecy? The shocking scandals are all revealed in this real life drama, meticulously recorded by the authors over long years of unwavering research. It is heart-rending and shocking and involves intrigue, duplicity, secrecy and perhaps most shocking off all, disrespect for next-of-kin who were denied information about what happened to the crew of Dasher.

Operation: Military Resource

Are you looking for help for your military life? Maybe you need help with ways to solve emergency situations or find educational assistance. This book will quickly become your go-to resource for everything that could happen in your military life! This book is full of thousands of up-to-date resources and organizations that were created with one specific goal in mind: To help military families past and present!

Texas Fight: The History of Army ROTC at The University of Texas at Austin

This book represents the first in-depth academic study of UT Army ROTC. It covers not only the years since 1947 when Army ROTC arrived, but the book also addresses the numerous fights going back to the 1920s as to whether UT should host an ROTC unit. Texas Fight will be of interest both to UT ROTC graduates, regardless of branch, and to non-ROTC Texas Exes interested in their alma mater’s history. Students of campus-based officer training will also find the work an interesting case study.

Cyber Styletto

A malicious computer network attack on a traffic management system in California causes the deaths of eight innocent people. Yvonne Tran, a former black hat computer hacker now working as a contractor for a government agency called CyberCom, is called in to investigate. Tran and her team - composed of former military Special Forces and civilian computer experts - must pinpoint the location where the probe originated and stop the perpetrators before they launch their next attack on Christmas Day.

Terrorists and the Terchova Treasure - In My Brother's Place

My wife and I were trapped between Tangiers and Madrid on 9/11. Our experiences motivated me to write a story not only about the tragedy of that day, but how we as a nation need to regain our patriotism and can-do spirit if we are to pass on our freedoms and opportunities to future generations. We are distracted by many minor events and material concerns that lead us nowhere. My story is dedicated to the civilian and military defenders of our nation from its origin to the present day.

Operation Highjump: The diary of a young sailor

Serving on Admiral Byrd's team for the Antarctic Expedition at the end of WW II was a privilege that only a handful of sailors would enjoy. Experience first hand, through the eyes of 19 year old Richard "Dick" Miller, the daily events aboard the S.S. Pine Island. The harsh conditions, the dangerous missions, the fun and friendships that occurred kept these men on their toes! A preview of the book resides here: www.ohj.booksforelders.com