When I looked at the bulletin board at March Field during the autumn of 1942, I was stunned to learn I'd been assigned to the First Motion Picture Unit in Culver City, CA. And I had no idea why. This story is excerpted from BEYOND HOLLYWOOD: A Memoir of Fate, Luck, the Unexplained & Living the American Dream. The book is available at

Radar Man

I served in the Navy as an instructor in the Radio and Radar Technicians School on Chicago's Navy Pier during World War II. I have published an autobiographical book that describes events in my life that helped me enjoy over 40 years as an aerospace engineer and physicist. It is available in print and electronic forms from Amazon. It is titled "Radar Man, A Personal History of Stealth". I believe that you would enjoy reading it. Edward Lovick, Jr.

Community Economic Literacy

We veterans served for numerous reasons and left the service with some expectations. In my post military and post college years, I have learned that most Americans are functionally illiterate when it comes to civics and the economic activities of their communities. Improving this knowledge is essential to our economic futures. Please join me in the effort. I have written Community Economic Literacy and created the AMERICAN PIE seminar to address the problem. Visit me at

Patriot Heart

Read the poignant and informative letters written by a true patriot from the Civil War battlefields. George Ashworth Cobham was an immigrant who became a Brevet Brigadier General in the Civil War. He has given us insight, with over a hundred personal letters to his family depicting the horror and carnage of the land he loved. His correspondence documents his travels through major battles of the Civil War.

An American Experience, The First Ninety-Three Years

An autobiography of a life covering 80% of the 20th century and 10% of the 21st. The story of a LA farm boy who went to school in a covered wagon but became a prominent trial attorney during 6 administrations in the U. S. Department of Justice, after servicing on the staff of RAdm. Durgin in the Medit. and during the major battles of the Pac. (CVE's). Book in hardback. Also covers pro bono work in genealogically based orgs such as NSSAR (former Pres. DCSSAR). Kamikaze at Okinawa

Every Thought of You, A Sailor's Love Letters from the Pacific World War II

Paul L. Edwards' almost 700 love letters to his bride during World War II are compiled into a 684 page book telling his Navy "Seabee" story from Boot Camp and the South Pacific. Re-live life during the war.


If you'd like to know what makes Pakistani politics tick, and to uncover its culture of conspiracy and betrayal, you'll enjoy this good read.


You can achieve your life’s dream, if you commit your life to Jesus Christ, and be reborn in the Holy Spirit, and focus all of your energy on your goal. Dr. Rick Scarnati in SOUL EXPLOSION tells how he accomplished the impossible by giving his life to Jesus and becoming “SUPERCHARGED” by the Holy Spirit.

Lieutenant Henry: Memoir of a Marine

1968 was a defining year in our country’s history - Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, free love, Vietnam protests, Black Power and the dawn of the drug culture were in full stride. It was also the year that a young college student decided to transfer from the Navy to the Marine Corps; The metamorphosis of a student to a combat officer. The odyssey takes you from training to Vietnam. There is never a dull moment. The journey is both fast paced and intense.

90 Percent: A Memoir of My Demise and Rise

Jasper Beamon, a retired Navy CEO "receives an ominous e-mail from his soul mate telling him that she is about to publish a book about their relationship which sends Jasper into a neurotic tailspins where he is forced to examine his life. But will he?" 90 Percent: A Memoir of My Demise and Rise is a literary novel sizzling with passion and crackling with humor. It is intertwined with romance, political commentary, history and pop culture.