Tough Care

A tender and honest account of a husband caring for his dying spouse, Tough Care, by Bernard Mooney offers advice and support to those in, or about to face, similar situations. His wife Celia proudly served in the US Army Women’s Corps during the Vietnam Era. Years later, however, she was stricken by serious illnesses that caused her to deteriorate from a young and vivacious soldier, woman, wife, and mother, to a severely incapacitated homecare patient.

Angels On Our Shoulders

At the age of seventeen, I enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Force and was on active duty, February 22, 1944, two weeks after age eighteen. This interrupted my college education. Our crew represented eleven different states. The B-29 Superfortress was the most awesome bomber of WWII. On arrival at Saipan, we were assigned to the 73rd Bomb Wing, sooth Bombardment Group, 883rd Squadron. Each round trip mission to Japan was 3,000 miles over the ocean.

The Forgotten 500

I am a retired Senior Master Sargeant from the United Stated Air force. I served proudly from 1950 to 1972. I was given credit for my Korean War Service by preforming duties with the 529th ACW Sqdn,529th ACW Group, 20th Air Force on Okinawa late 1951 and early 1952. B-29 Bombers were flying daily missions over Korea at that time. I served with the Director of Materials Office, Headquarters 7th Air Force at TanSon Nhut Air Base, Siagon, Vietnam from April 1966 to May 1967 .

Before I Forget

Ever wish you'd had the chance to visit with your Dad or Grandfather and talk about their time in the service during World War II? Here is the author's response to his daughters' request for that story. From the new recruit to the bombing missions over Europe through the dark period as a Prisoner of War, the author's story unfolds in a straightforward manner with pathos and humor. It will find a place in your library of favorites. Available at

A Diamond on The Wall - Memoir of the Youngest Green Beret in Vietnam (1967-1968)

At the official website for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, description is given regarding the symbols that either precede or follow each of the 58,272 names that are indelibly etched into The Wall. This is the story of how three American Green Berets (of which I was one), along with 160 Montagnard Strikers, succeeded in accomplishing what a Battalion of the 4th Division could not do - and in the process, insured that A Diamond on The Wall precedes the name of one fallen American Warrior.

Walking The Tiger's Path: A Soldier's Spiritual Journey in Iraq

Imagine practicing meditation amidst the violence and chaos of war. Sergeant Kendel documented his experiences in the award-winning memoir Walking the Tiger’s Path: A Soldier’s Spiritual Journey in Iraq. Published in 2011, the book has received multiple awards, including: Nautilus Silver Award; International Book Award; and USA Book News Best Books Award.

New Book Details Effort to Secure Omaha Beach on D-Day

"Intact: A First-Hand Account of the D-Day Invasion from a Fifth Rangers Company Commander" is an eyewitness account of the landing of the Fifth Ranger Infantry Battalion on Omaha Beach during the Normandy Invasion. Told from the viewpoint of Company Commander John C. Raaen, Jr., the book draws heavily from several period documents written by Raaen during and shortly after the war and details precise locations of events wherever possible.

Piloted to Serve: Memoirs of World War II Veteran Rebecca Chung

This 240-page book is the autobiography of World War II U.S. veteran Rebecca Chung, a nurse with the Flying Tigers and the U.S. Army (under Chennault in Kunming, China) and then China National Aviation Corporation based in India. Including photos and documents, it covers her medical work during Japanese air raids and her flights across the Hump (Himalayas) between India and China, in addition to her Hump romance, sacrifices and Christian faith. A foreword by Mrs. Anna Chennault is included.

The Deguello - The A-Team that started a War

Based on the incredible true story-- Read the new book about the first Special Forces A-Team into Afghanistan after 9/11. "The Mission of a Lifetime!" --AirForce Times A incredible history of Green Beret's waging Unconventional Warfare during the opening salvo of Operation Enduring Freedom. Available now @

The American Connection to the sinking of HMS Dasher

What caused the horrific explosion? Who was to blame? Why were bodies buried in a deep pit? Why was the Dasher disaster shrouded in secrecy? The shocking scandals are all revealed in this real life drama, meticulously recorded by the authors over long years of unwavering research. It is heart-rending and shocking and involves intrigue, duplicity, secrecy and perhaps most shocking off all, disrespect for next-of-kin who were denied information about what happened to the crew of Dasher.