Submitted by: Tai Shan

Category: Film / Documentary

For Memorial Day my father and I created a music video that I believe helps commemorate those we have lost to war. Using my song “Stone Cold Statues” we juxtaposed images of our nations military memorials and cemeteries with archival footage of several of our armed conflicts to create a moving statement for those who fought for our freedom.

As a young girl I would sit on my grandfathers lap and listen to stories from the three years he spent in a P.O.W camp in the Philippines. He was given one bowl of rice a day the size of a plum, and he could recite the names of his fellow captives that he memorized so many years before. This song was written in his honor. As the sister of a Iraq war veteran, I appreciate all that you can do to support our troops and those that love them.

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Seattle-based pop-folk artist and songwriter Tai Shan is known for her unusual chord voicing, wide sweeping melodies, and detailed lyrics. As a music teacher, performer, composer, and collaborator with a wide variety of jazz, folk, and pop musicians, she has gained a dedicated fan following through performances across the West Coast.