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On 12/19/2011 11:10 AM, Daryl Manley wrote:
I wanted to provide you with part of an e-mail I received from our personnel in Afghanistan. It details the initial movement of Wayne from the site he was supporting in Afghanistan. I wanted you to see the e-mail because it shows the appreciation and respect that both coworkers and military personnel have for the sacrifices that Wayne was making in his current position. I’ll rely on you to share with Wayne’s family if you feel it’s appropriate.
Just to let you know; I just returned from FOB Salerno and met with as many folks as I could regarding Wayne Bernhardt's death. I met CSM Cave and CSM Moore. They honored Wayne with a Fallen Soldier ceremony.
Soldiers lined both sides of the C-130 with the casket bearers solemnly marching Wayne to the aircraft. The soldiers all saluted Wayne as he passed and a prayer was said for him.
Both CSMs stated that Wayne gave his life for the safety of the soldiers on FOB Salerno and they were honored to send off a hero.
Every person I spoke with had only positive things to say about Wayne.
He always had a smile and was always willing to do what was necessary to support our Warfighters. SSG Bazaar said that minutes before Wayne's untimely death he was downstairs at the ECP joking with the soldiers there. Every soldier at the ECP did their part in trying to keep Wayne alive. He wasn't just another contractor. Wayne was family and he will be missed.
Wayne's professionalism, dedication, and selfless service reflect greatly upon EOIR, ManTech, and the United States Army.

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Wayne T. Bernhardt  "The Bombdog" 5/26/1967 -12/18/2011 Gulf war veteran. MP K-9 handler. Overseas contractor. Father. Husband. See ya later, Punkin.

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