Submitted by: Benjamin Hackenberg

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Looking for anyone who might be interested in comparing the different personalities of the 4 branches - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines.
When I read the story of the Kiwi, during this last deployment to Bagram, I couldn't help but think of the Army. The Army will volunteer for the worst possible jobs, while the others make excuses as to why they can't/won't send their people.

About the author:

I have served in all four branches of the Armed Forces. In 1993 joined the Corps, 8 years and 3 MOSs later USAF. After 4 years 2 AFSCs and a deployment to Balad with the Army it was the Navy reserves for 3 years. Another deployment to Balad under the Army and then I figured "Can't Beat 'em Join 'em" So I am currently stationed at Ft. Campbell.