Submitted by: Donna Austgen Frisinger

Category: Poetry

A distant thunder rumbles with reverberating screams; exploding shrapnel shudders, drowned in scarlet river streams of life-blood pooling on the thirsting, barren desert floor, where valor’s code has given all in Freedom’s holy war.

For Evil slithers unprovoked, its memoirs masquerading in endless graves of tyranny, its victims promenanding
Before the Throne of Justice like a thundering waterfall, while here—a bugler wails his taps in mournful protocol.

That soars on somber, crystal notes swept by the winds of glory To Heaven’s Hall-Of-Honor, posting one more patriot story of shattered dreams that break our hearts in tribute eulogy, as yet another soldier falls saluting liberty.

About the author:

Donna Austgen-Frisinger is a former Hoosier Girl’s State participant and the proud daughter of a World War II veteran. Her poetry has won numerous awards including first place at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference, and she’s been published in Mature Living, Today’s Christian Woman, Marriage Partnership, Writers Journal, Guidepost Books and Ideals magazine.