Submitted by: Catherine Hezlep

Category: Poetry

This is my prayer,I give it for you,I give it for all of you.I pray for you everyday,I pray for strength, both yours and mine.As much as I pray for your safety,I ask that I may be strong for you.I ask for forgiveness,Begging my sins not follow you.

I ask to be home for your call,That I find the right words to say.I gave passage for your lifeI gave it to you freely.Please know a mother's heart knows no endNor does it know greater fearThan for it's child.

I pray for your peace of mind,Your steady aim,For your intuition and senses to be keen.I pray you find happiness in your heartAnd kindness when you are far from home.I pray you keep fond and happy memoriesOf a life you will someday return to.

I pray that you know homeWill always welcome you with open arms.I pray you have kindred spirits to watch over you.I pray you feel strength from above.I pray you realize you do not walk alone,

I walk with you always.I pray you realize that the things you doBring peace and security to a grateful nation.I pray we all realize what it takesFor you to stand watch over a fearful world.

Most of all,I pray you know that I am proud to be a soldier's mom.I am proud simply to be your mom.I stand strong beside you, in body and in spirit.Be strong, be safe, and ever vigilant.The light of home shines for you.


About the author:

I am a member of the American Legion Aux. in LaPlata, Maryland - Post 82.

This poem is dedicated to my son, Jake, I wrote this while he was on his first deployment to Afghanistan. He  served two tours in Afghanistan with the Army and came home with a Purple Heart and the medal of Valor.