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Category: Poetry

I have seen a thousand battles, and fought in a hundred wars

I have been to untold places where we have never been

I have seen missions that were overt, covert, and some that made movies pale

I have seen places where the sun melts sand, or water freezes before it falls

I have seen mountains, valleys, creeks and oceans, all that I had to cross

I have gone where duty ordered, and done all my missions well

I bear the holes, the missing limbs, and oh so many scars

I don't deny the loneliness, nor the hurt of frustrations pain

I don't mind that folks don't care to understand, or call us horrid names

I don't mind taking their place in line, and going where they dared not

I don't even mind that orders are sometimes wrong, though I must pay the price

I am a soldier, a sailor, an airman, or a civilian gone into harm's awful way

I went there on purpose, so others might not have to, and the need might go away

I may die in America's service, but I will proudly serve, right up until that day

I hope my life, my service, and sacrifice, allow me to help guard Heaven's streets

I thank you Lord, for allowing me, in this way, to serve my country's needs

I think that to bullets, politics don't matter none, and our pay sure isn't great

I know that among the ones who changed the world, just about how I will rate

I have given most, or all I had, to preserve our wondrous nation's fate

I served the Flag, and followed it, from oceans to muddy streams

I just ask to lie under it, when comes the time for my eternal dreams

Paul E. Andreasen, TSgt, USAF (Ret)

There’s no such thing as an Ex ROMAD

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Paul Andreasen, TSgt, USAF (Ret) K1JAN ROMAD, 601st DASS CCT, 1278th APS (There's no such thing as an Ex-ROMAD) Psalms 51:10 "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't ind. "~ Dr. Seuss