Submitted by: Chris Madsen

Category: Poetry

I was Born out of Freedom and I Stand for All.

I stand for all people from all over the world, I do not represent just a few, but all who seek Freedom and Unity.

For those of all nationalities from which they or their ancestors have originated; I watch over and protect.

I represent All who have come in search of Freedom and those who were born Free with in my shores.

I Stand tall for those who have served and for all who understand what it means to live here and to live free. I also Fly for those who do not understand.

For those who still question and seek answers, for those who may not yet believe in the Freedoms we all share in this great land.

Though some may burn me in anger, even with in our own land, I will always rise out of the ashes to stand tall.

I stand for all of those who have forgotten and may take for granted the gifts of Freedom. For those who still hold true to their roots, I stand watch over you.

For I am one of a kind, ……….Yes; there are flags of other Countries that represent their heritage, …..but I am a Flag born from many Nations who represent ALL.

I fly over shops and homes of all towns and cities across this land. I show pride and respect for those who are proud to fly me each and every day.

I watch and protect our Soldiers at home and away, those Soldiers in the bunkers in far off lands, who look up at me and understand why they are there.

I stand watch over the homes of the loved ones missing them and praying for the day of their return.

I give strength to the mother longing for her child’s safe return, and for the fathers who seek to understand the loss of those who do not make it home.

I drape the coffins of those who have so valiantly giving the ultimate sacrifice, so that I may still stand tall on this day and for all future generations of Americans.

I was Born Out of Freedom and I stand for All………………………..

For I am Your American Flag.

Written By: Chris Madsen
Copy Written and Dated: 12/28/2010

About the author:

Chris Madsen, Air Force Veteran 1987 to 1995.