Submitted by: Robert Rotruck

Category: Poetry

Brave men and women love this American land,
But they don’t show it off in front of a grandstand.
They show it through service in foreign places,
They wear bravery and courage on their proud faces.
Trying to bring freedom and democracy where strangers have trod,
Folks they don’t even know, but they do it for love of God.
America has asked them to stand tall, an example for all to see,
The kinds of freedom we take for granted like the waves on the sea.
They volunteered from Kansas, Maryland, and tin-buck-two,
They come from all over to keep freedom for me and you.
Many leave their families for months on end,
They try to do their best and never bend.
Many come home with damaged limbs and brains,
Their hopes and dreams covered in blood stains.
And some never get to see home at all,
Because they have answered a far greater call.
They’ve pushed a comrade out of harms way,
And took the brunt of a blast that day.
Their friend’s eyes is the last they saw,
When they took the heat and given all.
God bless our men and women so proud,
God will announce their coming home out loud.
Through heaven’s gate they pass in full dress,
Can we as Americans honor them any less?

About the author:

I spent twenty years in the Navy, retiring on July 31, 1979. I think one of the most unique and memorable things in those twenty years was all of the wonderful men and women I had the opportunity to work with. I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to serve with very distinguished citizens of this United States and they all made me proud to say I was an American and a United States Serviceman.

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