Submitted by: Peter Cacciolfi

Category: Poetry

Our Beginning
The Fourth of July
The 1770’s, both good and bad
we were in a new land, both happy & sad
The British controlled, & were demanding & bold
but we had brave people who didn’t like to be told
Town meetings were held & great speeches rang out
they wanted to make sure everyone knew what the rule was about
But the British had an army, uniformed & armed
they had food & shelter & felt very charmed
They never suspected the commoners would rise
and when they did, it was a disastrous surprise
Through terrible conditions the common folk endured
but they were determined, challenged & demurred
Through starvation and sickness, the death toll was high
but despite all the hardships they never went awry
Sure there were deserters, too sick to go forth
they went in all directions, east, south, west and north
But Washington pleaded, and gave it his all
seeing his suffering, with them, they together stood tall
In the end their freedom was won
they returned home in peace once the fighting was done
We must always remember the sacrifices from those who devoted their lives for the cause of freedom and are still doing so on this very day
Peter Cacciolfi, US Navy 1951-1955

About the author:

Peter is a retired teacher, turned author, along with wife Pattimari. We are patriots to the end.