Submitted by: Ann Brown West

Category: Poetry

The Little Guy

A Little guy
big blue eyes
so much energy
bouncing off the walls

Tossed blond hair
growing up
little guy, short, not tall
so full of life

Grown teenager
neat, sweet boy
always life of party
each day to the max

A graduate now
and time to serve
a dream to fulfill
for his country

Training camp complete
uniform, spic and span
proud, proper, achieved
now to deploy

Over yonder
each day a challenge
again at night
enemies door

On that morn, far away
heaven opened its door
reaching down for our hero
the little guy gave all

About the author:

Live in Mount Sterling. Wrote when younger and worked as correspondent for The Lexington Leader. Lexington, Ky. Retired from 25 years in a photography studio, but still love reading and writing.