Submitted by: Kenny Merriken

Category: Poetry

Some Korean War Dead Return Home
By Kenny Merriken
July 27, 2018
US NAVY 1972-1976

We have longingly awaited your return for more than half a century,
You are missing from our ranks, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Army;
Oh, how bravely you fought in a land on the other side of the Pacific,
The fighting in the air and the land, on many battlefields was horrific.

The Korean War set a precedence that still lingers over the Pentagon,
President Truman held back and did not utilize our mightiest weapon;
As a result thousands and thousands of lives were lost unnecessarily,
The war was halted in a stalemate we were unable to achieve victory.

Congress never declared war in Korea and going for victory all the way,
Though we had nuclear bombs that could have ended the war in 1 day;
We fought like we were a prize fighter with 1 hand tied behind his back,
This halfheartedness was repeated in Vietnam where we went off track.

There is a lesson to be learned from Scripture in how not to fight in war,
King Saul did not fully obey the Lord in 1 Samuel 15 which He did abhor;
"Behold to obey is better than sacrifice"; God wanted total annihilation,
In a war, the goal is save our troops, and to our enemy bring destruction.

About the author:

Kenneth "Kenny" Bruce Merriken, U.S. Navy veteran 1972-1976 with honorable discharge 1978.