Cry for the Soldiers

Let’s give them the help and care that they need


Incoming beat of helicopter rotors Whipping sand-laden air into The hot pulse of a Blackhawk Flaring with indecent haste A mess of stinging downwash.

'Final Roll Call' for America's Warriors

A poem to honor all of America's warriors on the occasion of them making their "Final Roll Call." This poem has been read at the funeral ceremonies of hundreds of our fallen warriors. Copy and Share it with veterans and their families.


How the Vietnam vets were treated.

Poetic Impressions

Reflections in a mirror.


Within the hearts of young boys are passion, honor and respect for our veterans. Here is the expression of one young man's deep conviction for the sacrifice laid by our veterans and the gifts that were forged on the battlefield.

Their Last Fight

A poem about the importance of participation in the Legion,

The War Ended

I came home or did I? The war ended or did it?

An Ode to the United States Navy

Dedication to the United States Navy

The Little Guy

Army PVT Dustin Gross of Mount Sterling, Ky., paid the ultimate price in Afghanistan on May 7, 2012. Thinking of my great nephew, writing and remembering this fun-loving, always happy little guy, and giving thanks to all our men and women who have given all and all who are now serving. Thank you! I had scribbled these thoughts on Dustin in 2012.