A Soldier's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep, And hope my dreams are thoughtful and deep. I pray that tonight I’m not awaken, By bombs exploding and the ground shakin’. I hope that I can get some peaceful rest, And wish that the next day will be blessed. All I want is to sleep through the night, So that tomorrow I’m ready for another fight. I pray my dreams are of my family, As I make sacrifices to keep them free. May you watch over and keep them safe, As they wait for me and remain brave.

Walk A Mile

For centuries They have been in the fight, Serving our country and doing what's right. They have worked so hard to pay their dues, I'm honored to walk a mile in their shoes. They will answer the call when we need, Filling their ranks is such a rare breed. They won't give up or know how to lose, I'm honored to walk a mile in their shoes.

Heart Of A Soldier

As the sun burns down it bakes my skin, I can feel my patience beginning to wear thin. Walking endless miles in this scorching heat, And I can feel the sand burning my feet. On my back I carry this unbearable load, As I walk along this seemingly endless road. The weight is so much that I can barely stand, To get up off my knee I need a helping hand.

Better Listen

A message from our fallen.

I Am America and I Remember

America is a country that remembers her children who give their all.

Sad Marine

A poem for marines

WWII Memories

Poem about my memories of WWII.

The Cemetery Glade

A tribute to our fall now resting in military cemeteries.

Owed to the Life of the Soldier

I chose to work for a defense contractor and build F4 aircraft rather than going to Nam. Yes it was important, BUT -

Remembering the defenders of liberty- America's Armed Forces

left on my doorstep at christmas... also came with a card and a thank you letter.