WWII Memories

Poem about my memories of WWII.

The Cemetery Glade

A tribute to our fall now resting in military cemeteries.

Owed to the Life of the Soldier

I chose to work for a defense contractor and build F4 aircraft rather than going to Nam. Yes it was important, BUT -

Remembering the defenders of liberty- America's Armed Forces

left on my doorstep at christmas... also came with a card and a thank you letter.

Brother and Sister

This poem is my inner reflection towards the tragedy that occurred the day the World Trade Centers fell.

remembering the defenders of liberty- america's armed forces

The true value of a life..Is measured not In possessions aquired, But, in hands helped Minds taught And hearts that you've inspired. A Hero Is not measured In medals or parades, But, in quiet courage Selfless deeds And sacrifices made. In acts of kindness Great and small Which cannot be repaid. In broken hearts Made whole again. In lives that you have saved. You stand for what is right and true Giving all that you can give, To help protect our nation, And this world In which we live.( more>)

Honor Guard

Thru rain or sleet or heat or snow, the American Legion Honor Guard will go.

"You're Our Soldiers"

I wrote this tribute to our fallen soldiers last spring after visiting the grave of a young fallen soldier who was recently killed in combat.


Several years ago while visiting the grave of a friend at Arlington I was struck by the silence and beauty of the surroundings, these words came to me:

The Last Mission

This poem is dedicated to the US Army Air Corps of World War II, in commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day, 2011