Can’t tell where we move to, Can’t mention the date, Can’t even remember the meals that we ate. Don’t know what our plan is, Don’t where will land, Couldn’t inform you if met by band.


Life’s Treasures! These are the things that…friends..and the simple things that God provides for us each day…(Published The Wishing Well..Treasures Edition..Eber Wein)

The Road of Life

I woke up about 4:30 in the morning and started to think about my life and how good God has been and my family through the years "The Road of Life" is for everyone to travel his own way.

"17 ' Vietnam"

Dedicated to childhood friends: PFC Johnny Mailloux, USMC, casualty of war on 24 Nov 68, found on panel 38 on the west wall, line #50. CPL Billy Flint, US Army, casualty of war on 01 Sept 68, found on panel 45 on the west wall, line #18. Denny Gray, dying later from problems stemming from the war. We grew up in the projects of East Lynn, MA, the po side of town.

In Love With An Airborne Ranger

He was always gone in the middle of the night. Always the first one in the middle of a fight. Don't remember that fairytale, had all those lonely nights. Always so proud of your man, leading the wayevery chance he can. Mother tried to warn you, but you fell in love with an Airborne Ranger

The Veteran

It’s the veteran, who, after birthing the nation with Washington in the Revolution, took his family past the Appalachians to the Mississippi.

Given All

All gave some, some gave all!


World War II Veterans fought for the right reasons

I was Born out of Freedom and I Stand for All

A Salute to the American Flag: I was Born out of Freedom and I Stand for All

It was you and I

I wrote this as a song, but it works as a poem also. It was written a few years after I came back from Viet Nam when it seemed that all Nam vet were not all that well received, in fact, some thought we were all just crazy. At any rate, this is how I remember the media dealing with us.