My America

I wrote this poem in March 2008 to honor all Veterans, especially those from WWII. The hallowed ground spoken of was visited during the year 1963 and later. These words are, quite simply, my feelings regarding my country and those who have served, and who continue to serve her.

The Gurney Race by Leonard Raines

This poem honors my fellow patients who struggled with me, in grim good humor, to recover at The Philadelphia Naval Hospital in 1968-69. The events are a true representation of the facts I witnessed.

Given All

All gave some, some gave all!


World War II Veterans fought for the right reasons

With A Tear In Your Eye

I wrote this poem to honor Sgt. Bryan Anderson who lost both legs and one arm in Iraq. He is from Rolling Meadows, Il. and a true patriot. I was inspired to write "With A Tear In Your Eye" when Bryan was in Walter Reed Hospital recovering from his injuries. His mother asked all who visited, "Not to cry".

I have fought

"I have seen a thousand battles, and fought in a hundred wars"

Saluting Liberty

For Evil slithers unprovoked, its memoirs masquerading in endless graves of tyranny, its victims promenanding Before the Throne of Justice like a thundering waterfall, while here—a bugler wails his taps in mournful protocol.

"It's Written In The Earth"

It’s written in the earth, That sunshine follows rain. It’s written in the earth, That sorrow comes again, That wars will ever roam. It’s written in the earth, While far away from home.

"A Soldiers Mom"

I pray for your peace of mind,
Your steady aim,
For your intuition and senses to be keen.
I pray you find happiness in your heart
And kindness when you are far from home.