In Love With An Airborne Ranger

He was always gone in the middle of the night. Always the first one in the middle of a fight. Don't remember that fairytale, had all those lonely nights. Always so proud of your man, leading the wayevery chance he can. Mother tried to warn you, but you fell in love with an Airborne Ranger

The Veteran

It’s the veteran, who, after birthing the nation with Washington in the Revolution, took his family past the Appalachians to the Mississippi.

My America

I wrote this poem in March 2008 to honor all Veterans, especially those from WWII. The hallowed ground spoken of was visited during the year 1963 and later. These words are, quite simply, my feelings regarding my country and those who have served, and who continue to serve her.

The Gurney Race by Leonard Raines

This poem honors my fellow patients who struggled with me, in grim good humor, to recover at The Philadelphia Naval Hospital in 1968-69. The events are a true representation of the facts I witnessed.

Given All

All gave some, some gave all!


World War II Veterans fought for the right reasons

I was Born out of Freedom and I Stand for All

A Salute to the American Flag: I was Born out of Freedom and I Stand for All

It was you and I

I wrote this as a song, but it works as a poem also. It was written a few years after I came back from Viet Nam when it seemed that all Nam vet were not all that well received, in fact, some thought we were all just crazy. At any rate, this is how I remember the media dealing with us.

Morning Glory

I love the United States of American and especially our flag and what it stands for!

With A Tear In Your Eye

I wrote this poem to honor Sgt. Bryan Anderson who lost both legs and one arm in Iraq. He is from Rolling Meadows, Il. and a true patriot. I was inspired to write "With A Tear In Your Eye" when Bryan was in Walter Reed Hospital recovering from his injuries. His mother asked all who visited, "Not to cry".