The Price of Freedom (In case you didn't know)

Teresa wrote this poem for her husband, who is a Vietnam veteran.


Retired Postmaster from California, Poet occasionally and just write down my feelings.

Condolence Message For Memorial Day

A poem in support of Memorial Day

The Fallen

A tribute on Memorial Day, 2018

A Special Bond

And when that day comes and I’m laid to rest My friends will all offer goodbyes, The most special of which will be slow salutes From fellow veterans with tears in their eyes.

Memorial-Day Tribute

I wrote this poem in memory of the troops who have served our country in the past, and as well for those who "die to themselves" to this day in serving the United States of America globally :

Until the day we meet again

Until the day we meet again

Life and Love: its joy - its pain

Poetry collection

World War II

That World War II, it accosted our souls, and took many wonderful boys. But brought us together, helped us make goals, that division among us destroys.

I am America

Memorial Day Tribute