Florida post sponsors senior softball team

Florida post sponsors senior softball team

Thank you for your service

From rotten eggs to "thank you for your service."

Tribute to a brave man

Remembrances about D-Day from an individual who witnessed it and lived through it.

Going Home

814 troops returning home during the Vietnam war.

Local D-Day heroes honored

Four Johnson County, Texas men served during D-Day. One died on the field in the care of one who was a Combat Medic.

Flag Day event held in Cleburne, Texas

Teaching Kids

American Legion Post 167 Veterans Banners

Veterans Banner displayed through downtown Albany, Indiana

Making a bad year better

Over a lifetime some years are better than others, and sometimes a particular year is especially bad. 1969 was one of those bad years for me, as my childhood friend and fellow Marine Lee Roy Herron was killed in Vietnam, and I almost died after a three story fall. But three decades later I learned that Herron had died a hero, receiving the Navy Cross posthumously. Since learning the actual circumstances of his death, I have been on a mission to preserve Lee Roy's memory, heroism, and legacy. In so doing, perhaps I have made 1969 a better year for his family--and me.

Re-dedication and Memorial ceremony of the Puerto Rico Medal of Honor Grove

Latin American Post 840 and Auxiliary Post 840 hold annual memorial ceremony in addition to a special rededication of the new Puerto Rican Medal of Honor Grove.

Post 1836 of Woodside, N.Y. holds Memorial Day ceremony

Annual Memorial Day Ceremony