Fire at the MGM Grand November 1980

On a cold November morning the MGM Grand on the Las Vagas strip was on fire. The 302nd Special Operations Squadron out of Phoenix, Arizona was on a TDY at Nellis AFB, just north of Las Vagas. The 302nd responded with three HH-3E heavy lift helicopters to assist local first responders with rescue and transport efforts. I was the Flight Engineer on Pony 01 the first helicopter to arrive.

The Military Working Dog 70 Years of Praise

There is a bill in the Senate called, “Canine Members of the Armed Services Act (S.2134), which is intended to reclassify MWDs as canine members of the armed forces, instead of being classified as ‘equipment’. It seems to be stalled in Congress (the House of Representatives has a companion bill processing). I urge every member of the American Legion to contact their representatives in Washington and ask them to support these bills.

The Kiwi bird story

The story of the Kiwi loosing it's ability to fly, in comparison to the Army and the other three branches.

461st Ordinance Ammunition Company, Wonju Korea 1951/52

My personal experiences in Wonju, Korea 1951/52

Remembering The Forgotten Vet's

We are now after an unacceptable period of time bringing the recognition of the Vietnam Veteran to the American people for the recognition that was shamefully denied them. I watched with pride the recent awarding of the Medal of Honor to a Vietnam War hero that somehow "fell through the crack". I commend the individual who discovered this oversight and pursued with vigor to right a wrong for a Screaming Eagle Army hero. The stigma of this regrettable War may be finally over.

A hole on the Hoel

USS HOEL DDG13 69/70 WESTPAC On a hot, eternal Summer’s day at the equator during the USS Hoel’s 5th Westpac cruise, the forward fire room lost power. Emergency measures had to be used to avoid an explosion in the fire room.

Wayne T. "The Bombdog" Bernhardt

"They honored Wayne with a Fallen Soldier ceremony. Soldiers lined both sides of the C-130 with the casket bearers solemnly marching Wayne to the aircraft. The soldiers all saluted Wayne as he passed and a prayer was said for him."

Two Choices

How I joined the service.


Standing on the shore-line we watched a cruise ship heading home. The American flag waiving briskly in the wind with the ships band playing our National Anthem. We cried as we also wished to go home, The place was Venice, Italy and we were on leave of absence from The U.S. Army in Germany sight seeing Europe but no other sight could remove the thoughts of going home,for that we had to wait.

American Legion Post #140 Family

Wonderful things around the Community.