"Thanks For The Memory"

Bob Hope will never be forgotten

We Have Met the Enemy and Is it us?

When the Korean War began in June 1950, I signed up, I was single, had five years' experience in construction and joined the U.S. Navy Seabee Reserves as a Petty Officer. After a few months of weekly drills and not having been called to active duty, I went to headquarters, Third Naval District, and had orders to active duty initiated. I volunteered for duty in Korea. I felt the single men should volunteer for war areas so the men with families would not be obligated to serve in a war zone.

Morgan County, Alabama Post 15 builds floats for Veterans Day

Morgan County, Alabama Post 15 Legion family members work together to become close friends, learn to work as a well-oiled team.

Traumatic military dental experience

The underlying reasons were that base dental facilities and staffing were overwhelmed by the extremely large numbers of troops undergoing training during the Vietnam War buildup, and as a result in many cases removing teeth (unnecessarily) was the procedure of their choice.

Monson GI's Letter to Santa

Asks a Gift to Brifhten War

Band of America's Few

Band of America's Few is the only veteran musical organization of its kind.

Seventeen Days Later

How were you spending your 19th birthday seventeen days later?

Home, at Last

A fallen World War II American serviceman is finally returned to his family after nearly 80 years.

The Warrior Wagon

Horse-pulled wagon honoring veterans

Pennsylvania Legionnaire is semi-finalist for Ms. Veteran America 2019

Pennsylvania Legionnaire is semi-finalist for Ms. Veteran America 2019