Another way to support ‘Be the One’

Another way to support ‘Be the One’

American Legion posts, districts and departments are focusing efforts on raising awareness about the organization’s primary initiative, the Be the One collaboration that aims to reduce the rate of veteran suicide.

There have been successful symposiums, community hikes and other awareness events that have educated Legionnaires, other veterans and the public about how they can support this effort. As these activities have grown, questions have been raised about how to direct funds or donate to Be the One.

Right now, you can make a donation here to Be the One. You can also mail a check made payable to “American Legion Charities, Note: Be the One.”

Mail to: 

American Legion Charities

Be the One

P.O. Box 7077

Indianapolis, IN 46207

Another way to support and raise awareness for Be the One is to purchase merchandise from Emblem Sales. Right now, Be the One T-shirts are out of stock. However, they are expected to be available in time for warmer weather this summer. Pre-orders are being accepted for the shirts, which are just $10.95.

Donations supporting Be The One will help fund programs, resources, educational materials and other items related to the initiative. Stay up-to-date as more details about the program, funding, resources and more at the Be the One web page.