Celebrate Flag Day

Celebrate Flag Day

Dear American Legion Family Members and Friends,

The American flag has been a constant source of inspiration throughout our nation’s history.

While the number of stars has increased over the years, so, too, have the challenges it has faced. Today, the flag still waves proudly, standing as a symbol of democracy, freedom and hope.

It’s no coincidence that our flag has helped America and its communities heal in times of distress. Our flag signaled the birth of a new nation. Restored order after the Civil War threatened our nation’s existence. Served as hope in Iwo Jima, Europe and elsewhere as the tides turned in World War II. Created unity after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. 

Our flag’s meaning, influence and inspiration have been passed down from generation to generation. That sacred duty has been a point of pride for many American Legion members who have instructed students on flag etiquette, performed flag retirement ceremonies and erected flags at veterans’ graves.

It has almost been a century since The American Legion led the creation of the U.S. Flag Code, a set of guidelines still in existence today. The code protects Old glory from harm. But it is up to us to continue to preserve its legacy for future generations. 

Today, Flag Day, is a great reminder of the importance of the Red, White and Blue. Join me in honoring the flag, passing its meaning on to youth and protecting it at all costs. Not just today but every day.

Veterans Strengthening America.