Membership matters: let’s keep trending upward

Membership matters: let’s keep trending upward

Dear American Legion Family and Friends,

The American Legion is gaining ground on the membership front as we round the final turn of the 2021-22 renewal and recruitment cycle. This is great news coming out of the pandemic, but we still need to recruit, renew and re-sign members to make this the first year of significant roster growth since 2010.

I am counting on all Legionnaires to make calls today on members who have not renewed for this membership year. Remind them that membership matters when we go to Capitol Hill and fight for long-overdue government accountability to veterans exposed to toxic contamination during military service. Let them know that every new and renewed member is another voice in our mission to prevent veteran suicide. And, to continue mentoring youth and cultivating responsible future leaders through programs like Boys State, oratorical competition and American Legion Baseball, we need a growing membership.

Share with potential members our story of Veterans Strengthening America and show what we stand for in our communities, states and the nation.

We only need an average of eight members per post per month by June 30 – renewals, new joins or rejoins – to see growth for the first time in more than a decade. What a message that sends to Washington, statehouses, city halls and the media. More important: what a message it sends to veterans, their families, our troops and youth who depend on us.

As we talk to members who have not yet paid dues for the year, let’s remember the online and automatic renewal options. They are safe, easy and convenient. They also save time, paper and postage, all of which are in short supply these days. In promotions you will see in the weeks ahead, look for a quick and easy QR code to make the transaction.

Let’s all work together to leave no veteran behind, especially when that veteran simply needs a Buddy Check, a reminder about a local ceremony or a voice of understanding from a peer who gets what it means to have served. And remember, now is the perfect time to submit the names of at least three new members you have recruited to receive my No Veteran Left Behind pin.

Membership in The American Legion means more now than ever, as a new generation comes home looking to us for service, support and friendship. Membership matters, and we have a great opportunity to show the world just what we mean by Veterans Strengthening America.

For God and Country,

Paul E. Dillard

National Commander