now offers a financial aid resource for veterans as well as active duty military servicemembers. While many opportunities are specific to a particular military branch or terms of service/operations, other military scholarships for veterans and active duty servicemembers are available across all five military branches.

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Troops to College program

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger created the Troops to College program to attract veterans to California's public institutions and make campuses more veteran friendly.

Under the program, veterans can - depending on their length of service - be eligible for a full ride on tuition and fees at a public college or university, which is about $3,000 at a California State University campus and $7,700 at UC Berkeley. Also, a veteran can receive up to $1,000 for books and supplies and a living stipend of up to $1,450 a month.

California State University will guarantee admission to a total of 115 military personnel each year, selected by admirals and lieutenants. Other veterans will have their applications evaluated separately from regular applicants.

SDSU lays out welcome mat for veterans

To welcome returning troops, San Diego State University has established a campus veterans center and a plethora of scholarship and funding available to our country's newest veterans. Military housing might even be available on fraternity row, and the campus center will answer veterans' financial aid questions and give them a place to relax.

Veterans who lack the course requirements or grades for admission will have their file reviewed by an administrator, a retired Army lieutenant colonel. Once enrolled, veterans get priority in selecting classes.

Last year, SDSU enrolled 805 veterans, 65 reservists, 157 active-duty personnel and 139 military dependents.

California National Guard Tuition Program:

“NG APLE” National Guard Assumption Program of Loans for Education. (Effective July 2004)

Applications can be made at local county veterans service offices.

Additional information is available from the California Department of Veterans Affairs.