**NoteAll Legion/SAL charter applications and forms are online at www.legion.org/publications/256646/legion-sal-charter-forms


IMPORTANT:  You must save a copy of the PDF document to your computer and open it with Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat) to access the fillable text areas. Use the link below if you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.




Squadron Data Report (SDR)

Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR)

Sons of The American Legion Brochure

Squadron Handbook

SAL National Constitution and By-laws

SAL Rules of the NEC

SAL Uniform Code of Procedures

SAL Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

TAL Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Handbook

SAL Membership Application

SAL Member Data Form

SAL Recruitment Poster

SAL Membership Record

Award Forms

SAL George B Evans Advocate of the Year Form

SAL Videos of Service Contest Rules

SAL Videos of Service Entry Form 

SAL Snapshots of Service Award Entry Form & Media Release Forms

SAL Flag Appreciation Certificate

2022-2023 SAL IRA Award Pin Form

SAL Blue Brigade Award Form - fillable

SAL Recruiter of the Year Award Nomination Form – fillable

SAL Squadron Commander of the Year Award Criteria

SAL Squadron Commander of the Year Award Nomination - fillable

SAL 5-Star Award Info. Sheet & Award Form

SAL Citation of Achievement Request Form

100% Squadron Honor Ribbon Request Form

All-Time High RED Honor Ribbon Request Form


myLegion Support Team - contact info & helpful links

Notification of Post/Squadron Commanders & Adjutants Form

SAL Branding Guidelines - Quick Reference


The American Legion Basic Training Course Online

Child Welfare Foundation (CWF)

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation Brochure

CWF BannerProgram Request Form