A new era for Tango Alpha Lima

It’s a big day for the Alphas as The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast welcomes its new co-host, Ashley Gutermuth. She is an award-winning comedian and military spouse, who previously appeared as a guest in this podcast episode from last year.

Gutermuth, who is partnering with co-host Jeff Daly, is taking over regular co-hosting duties from Ashley Gorbulja. Don’t worry, fans of the OG AG, she hasn’t gone far. While Gorbulja won’t be a regular co-host, she will return periodically to Tango Alpha Lima as a guest and is already working on a special podcasts series for The American Legion.

In the episode, Daly and Gutermuth welcome guest Dennis Hoy, a Vietnam veteran who received the Silver Star. Hoy was drafted into the Army in 1966, weeks after getting married.

On the podcast, Hoy talks about his award-winning book, “Letters from Vietnam,” which gives his ground view of combat and a soldier's life beyond war.

The book is based on the day-to-day life of a Vietnam War Army infantryman, using letters he wrote home to his new wife, Beth, and his parents, from 1967-68. He wrote home frequently, and his family saved every letter. He and Beth put the letters in chronological order to share his story.

“Letters from Vietnam” is already an award-winning book, having placed first in the Military Non-Fiction category in the Firebird Book Awards, receiving the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Military category, and earning a runner-up prize in the memoir category at the 2022 San Francisco Book Festival.

And don’t miss as Hoy, who has also been a professional bass fisherman, answers a tough question from Daly: What has more lies — war stories or fish tales?

To find out the answer and learn more, check out this week’s episode, which is among more than 160 Tango Alpha Lima podcasts available in both audio and video formats here. You can also download episodes on iTunes, Google Play or other major podcast-hosting sites. The video version is available at the Legion’s YouTube channel.