I have a little less than $500,000 in a fixed-rate plan with a company and with a no surrender charge. It is not in an annuity. Should I, or can I, put my money in an annuity? If I can, will I pay federal taxes on the monthly allotment? And when I die, can the annuity be transferred to my beneficiary – primary, my wife, secondary, my daughter? – Al


We’re not sure what you have, so it’s hard to determine if you should make a change. A fixed annuity is certainly an option. They come in two basic forms: savings or income. A fixed savings annuity would earn interest that you would not pay taxes upon until you make withdrawals. With an income annuity, you essentially “buy” a stream of income. Each payment would be part interest and part return of principal so there would be some tax liability for the monthly payments. Consider giving one of our advisors a call at 877-699-2654 and talk with them about what you have and what you’re trying to accomplish, and they should be able to help what makes sense given your overall financial situation. Both income and savings annuities do allow you to name a beneficiary in the event you die.