When inquiring about an auto insurance policy, the agent said that I should inquire about liability insurance for my small business. I have a lawn care service and need liability for applying pesticides. Can you help me find the information I need? -Larry


On a personal level, a lot of folks aren’t aware of the valuable liability insurance protection that is provided by their homeowners and auto insurance coverage. The key is to make sure the coverage these policies provide is adequate. We recommend your liability coverage be at least equivalent to one to two times your net worth. Too often we run into folks with auto liability coverage of $25,000 or less (this is often the state mandated minimum level of coverage). That’s not a lot of protection if you end up involved in a lawsuit following a car accident!

As to your question, liability insurance is certainly important for business owners too. It can provide protection against judgments from lawsuits arising out of the conduct of your business. We’d recommend you talk with your attorney regarding the appropriate type and level of liability coverage specifically for your business.