Commander George Wallace USN (ret.) and author Don Keith release Warshot, the latest military thriller in the Hunter Killer series. Timely, prescient, and chock-full of cutting edge technology and geopolitical intrigue, Warshot launches the reader to the front lines of the "Silent Service".

We March at Midnight

“Ray McPadden can write…We March at Midnight…should be required reading…A fast-paced account of combat.”--Owen West, former assistant secretary of defense, special operations “We March at Midnight is the finest, fiercest account from our recent wars…An honest book from a soldier who has chosen to hide nothing.”--Ralph Peters, author of Beyond Terror and Cain at Gettysburg “Ray McPadden writes compellingly and candidly of his experience as a young battlefield leader…We March at Midnight offers an invaluable account of…key events at the height of America’s post-9/11 misadventures.”--Wesley Morgan, author of The Hardest Place: The American Military Adrift in Afghanistan’s Pech Valley Decorated Ranger Officer Ray McPadden finds himself leading Rangers against a target he knows all too well: the home of friends from his first tour. As he leads one last raid, Ray is at war with himself. A gritty and raw account by a leader in the first combined special unit of Rangers and SEALs during the deadliest period of combat in the twenty-first century.

Soldiers' Stories A Collection of WWll Memoirs Vol ll

" Were it not for the Miller family, these stories would not have seen the light of day." Eugene A. Peloquin Captain U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)

The Shangri-La Raiders

Having served as a weather officer in the United States Air Force for over three decades, author H.W. "Buzz" Bernard uses his military experience to place readers directly in the cockpit to experience firsthand some of the most dangerous flying of WWII. His latest novel, THE SHANGRI-LA RAIDERS, will be released to audiences on July 13, 2021. You can connect with Buzz and purchase his book at: https://severnriverpublishing.com/buzz


It is the largest unsolved mystery in U.S. history!

Not For God and Country

The full and true eye-witness story of the Vietnam War. From the earliest decisions that started America down the path to war beginning in 1945, through the difficult decades following the war. Written by a Marine grunt who experienced the war in the most up close and personal manner possible.


Veteran Eric Leland's Debut Military Thriller Grips Readers from the Start and Never Lets Go

To Be of Use: My Five Decades as a Cancer Doctor Including the Story of the Conquest of Childhood Leukemia

Dr. Edward Arenson presents wisdom and humor of this monumental period in medical history from the point of view of a first-hand and critical observer as he chronicles his fascinating 50-year medical career including his two-years in the Army Medical Corp and stories about the mentors he met during his time in the Army.

An American Combat Birddog Pilot; From the Battlefield of Vietnam and Beyond

Imagine for a moment flying a small fixed-wing aircraft just feet over the jungle canopy. Enemy anti-aircraft and small-arms fire is ripping through the air around you. You begin to “jink,” that is, entering into a run of constant banks and turns to throw the gunners off. In your ears is the blaring of three different radio frequencies: the men on the ground; the soldiers at the nearby base; and friendly aircraft whizzing around you. Your only navigation is a small topo-map and what you can recall of the topography from memory. You have no weapons except your trusty CAR-15, which you thrust through the window of your plane and blind-fire at the enemy below. It’s a turkey shoot, and you’re the turkey. All the while your thoughts are latched on the U.S. Green Berets on the ground you’re there to support. They’re pinned down by enemy mortar fire. You and your O-1 Bird Dog are the only links between them and friendly artillery fire. You call in hastily-read coordinates and pray that your math is right. This is the life of a U.S. Air Force Bird Dog pilot in Vietnam. The O-1 Bird Dogs, small fixed-wing planes, are deployed across the country to provide aerial reconnaissance and direct air support. It’s “long hours of sheer boredom, interspersed by moments of stark terror.” For men like Mike Leonard, it’s all in a day’s work. Or as he would say: “You do the job you were trained to do.”

Chariots in the Sky

A dedicated U. S. Army assault helicopter pilot in Vietnam just wants to do his job and return home to his wife and family. But to do so, he has to survive harrowing combat missions, bad weather, mechanical problems, human error, and a commander who is more interested in personal glory and promotion than his men’s well being. Along the way, he participated in the last major American combat operation of the war. Lam Son 719, a major incursion into Laos, which lasted sixty days and was the costliest period of the war for helicopter pilots and crew members.